Open Window

Memory Remover

By Choi Sung Hwan Lazy Sunday morning, the whole world is tranquil. The birds chirping and the sun is blazing while a man is sitting on a bench alone. He covers his face with his shaking hands. He is seen as he weeps. A gentleman comes to the bench. He…

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The Society

By Hong Daejin 1. The Strange Dream A strange dream kept coming to my mind. I was surrounded by gray walls, and I was floating in the air. I tried my best to escape from there but my body didn’t seem to move. “Clink…Clank…Clock…” I was hanged on the ceiling.…

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Repeating Memories

By Moon Seri A faint dawn oozed through the cracks in the curtains. Dust, which floated in the early morning air, wandered in a gray blanket. She woke up to the sound of the last alarm. She checked the clock with a weak eye and turned it off. Out of…

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