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Where I’m From

The following are a collection of work from ETA Melissa Kukowski in Mokpo. Kim Hyeongju I am from ddakji, from Adidas and Casio. I am from Mokpo, from two bathrooms. I am from forsythia from the mountain—yellow. from saying “hello” when we go out and humor. I am from “what…

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Season of Blooming Love

By Kim Gyu Min (Busan) When I think of the word ‘summer,’ I picture a cool atmosphere with the sun blazing over me; but with an occasional wind blowing and the blue sea stretched out in front of me. When I think of the word ‘winter,’ I picture a darker…

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No Flower is Forever Red

By: Lee Myunghoon (Jeonju) The flower you gave me silently wilted, when the sky was filled with autumn. Moon, the only light in the night sky, tilted. Finally broke up, in the precise meaning of a term. A petal is falling off as if it’s dancing, because winter stays in…

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