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The Society

By Hong Daejin 1. The Strange Dream A strange dream kept coming to my mind. I was surrounded by gray walls, and I was floating in the air. I tried my best to escape from there but my body didn’t seem to move. “Clink…Clank…Clock…” I was hanged on the ceiling.…

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Repeating Memories

By Moon Seri A faint dawn oozed through the cracks in the curtains. Dust, which floated in the early morning air, wandered in a gray blanket. She woke up to the sound of the last alarm. She checked the clock with a weak eye and turned it off. Out of…

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The Importance of Writing

미국 어학연수 에세이 By Yu Jimin (Seoul) During the 14 days of my visit to the United States, two days were spent on the plane, four days sightseeing, and eight days attending classes. During the 14 days, I found my time attending classes the most memorable. Especially when I saw…

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