Open Window

Season of Blooming Love

By Kim Gyu Min (Busan) When I think of the word ‘summer,’ I picture a cool atmosphere with the sun blazing over me; but with an occasional wind blowing and the blue sea stretched out in front of me. When I think of the word ‘winter,’ I picture a darker…

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The Importance of Writing

미국 어학연수 에세이 By Yu Jimin (Seoul) During the 14 days of my visit to the United States, two days were spent on the plane, four days sightseeing, and eight days attending classes. During the 14 days, I found my time attending classes the most memorable. Especially when I saw…

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Freedom of Young Adults

by Jaewan Jo (Busan)

We all know that at one point during our childhood, we have dreamt of being adults. At least once. Dreamt of being free. Free of homework. Free of parents. Free of any outside authority. We have all had it. And I’m sure that children from the medieval ages has had them too. But let’s bring up the statistics and compare the two eras. When were young adults more independent? When was the better time for the children to make their fantasy a reality? I would probably say the ones from the medieval times have better odds.

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On a Hot Day in April

by Seo-hee Yang
Jeju Jungang Girls High School, Jeju-si
Submitted by Zach Winters, ETA 2017-2018

Although it was Spring in April 1948, on Jeju it was never warm. Regardless of age and sex, there was a pitiless massacre. Also, there was a disastrous situation where almost everything in the town was burnt. It was so painfully hot for a warm spring.

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