Open Window

Our Student Editor Program is an opportunity for high school students to join the Open Window staff in the evaluation and editing processes. We are recruiting students interested in writing, publishing, and improving their written and spoken English abilities. The Student Editors will help select which pieces (submitted by other students) to publish, give feedback on submissions, and gain experience working with a literary publication in English.

We will be selecting up to four students to serve as Open Window student editors.

Applications for 2020 Student Editors are open. Please apply at the link below!

Student Editor Application 2020

We are so excited about the opportunity to work with motivated students in sharing their own talents and perspectives as well as those of fellow students in Korea. Please encourage your students to apply!

We created a PowerPoint (.PPT and .PDF) that can be incorporated into your next lesson or printed as posters so that you can get the word out about the application. We also have a flyer that you can hand out to students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m confused about what is happening at this workshop. Will we be making art and writing together to put into the magazine?
A: No, we will be looking at work by other students, and selecting/editing those in order to make the Open Window section of the Infusion magazine. We’ll also listen to some lectures about this process. It’s a workshop for students interested in learning more about publishing.

Q: What is the link to the online application?
A: Applications for 2020 Student Editors can be submitted at the link at the top of this page!

Q: How long should my answers be?
A: The answers to these questions don’t have a required length. Your answers should be as long as you feel explains your interest in the position and your relevant leadership/teamwork experiences.

You should list whatever experiences seem relevant (e.g., group projects, clubs, school events you helped organize, etc.), but choose one experience to describe more in detail.

Q: Do I need to be good at English?
A: At the workshop we will be reading work by other students and editing it, as well as talking to other students and teachers in English and listening to guest speakers. We are looking for students who are willing to work on a team using English to communicate. You never know until you try!

Q: How many student editors will be chosen?
A: 4, nationwide (not 4 from each school)

Q: Do I need to prepare anything/bring anything to the workshop?
A: You’ll have to finish the application by March 6th. Then, if you get selected for an interview, you may want to prepare for that (the interview will be in early April). Other than that, you won’t need to prepare anything prior to the workshop. At the workshop, we’ll be reading over work submitted by other students.

Q: Is the workshop in May the only commitment?
A: The workshop in May is the only in-person commitment. Before that, there is a virtual interview in April and a possible virtual meeting later in April for introductions once the student editors have been selected.

Q: Will it cost anything?
A: We’ll pay for ½ of your round trip travel cost, and for lunch.

Q: Will my English teacher come with me?
A: They can, but they will pay their own travel cost.

Q: Where will the workshop be held?
A: Fulbright Building
23 Baekbeom-ro 28-gil,
Mapo-gu Seoul, 04156

Q: How long will the workshop be?
A: Last year’s event was from 11am to 4:30pm, but that might change and we’ll let you know when we can. Please plan on being in Seoul that whole day.

Q: How long will I be working as a student editor?
A: Only for this semester. The majority of the work you’ll be doing will be completed on May 4th.

Contact us if you have any other questions!