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Where I’m From

Artwork titled “Korean Garden” by Wang Seoyoung from Busan

The following are a collection of work from ETA Melissa Kukowski in Mokpo.

Kim Hyeongju

I am from ddakji,
from Adidas and Casio.
I am from Mokpo,
from two bathrooms.
I am from forsythia from the mountain—yellow.
from saying “hello” when we go out and humor.
I am from “what a cute girl” and being hurt,
from taking pictures with my family at my house

Choi Reongyeon

I am from card games,
from BT21 and Peripera.
I am from Mokpo,
from a small, little house.
I am from cherry blossoms near my house—pink petals and beautiful.
from watching TV while eating dinner and humor.
I am from “small eyes” and always smiling,
from going on trips with my family.

Lee Soyeon

I am playing with blocks,
from Puma and Coca-Cola.
I am from Mokpo,
from in front of a mountain.
I am from azaleas from my family’s garden—pink petals and a beautiful smell.
I am from kimchi jjigae and jjajangmyeon.
from breakfasts with my family and humor.
I am from “응아니야” and playing the piano,
from traveling to Saipan.

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