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No Flower is Forever Red

By: Lee Myunghoon (Jeonju)

The flower you gave me silently wilted,

when the sky was filled with autumn.

Moon, the only light in the night sky, tilted.

Finally broke up, in the precise meaning of a term.

A petal is falling off as if it’s dancing,

because winter stays in my mind.

And yet I am still here, longing.

Lady luck doesn’t seem to be on my side.

The Day’s Agony That Must Not Be Forgotten, Kim Gaeul, Jeju City

In the abyss of tragedy

I found out that you are the only reason why I am sick.

It was great luck to think of you for an hour.

whose smile looks like a flower.

It is such an ordinary routine that I’m waiting,

like one of the stars greeting.

The flower you gave me silently wilted,

I feel like I am alone in the universe; isolated.

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