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Lesson Plan: Event Posters

By Naomi Robalino, ETA ’18-’19
Mokpo, South Korea

Last semester, for their final project I tasked my students with creating an event, festival, or concert they would want to attend and then make a poster advertising their event. Over the semester, students learned how to express their interests, make plans, and talk about upcoming events, using phrases like “I’m fascinated by…” and “what do you suggest?” . Because a lot of what we learned was out of textbook, I wanted them to apply what they learned in a creative way. Alongside having freedom to design any event, each student had to present their event poster and explain why they were interested in it.

I provided students with paper and markers and allowed them to work on their posters and presentation scripts for 2 class periods. For their script, I gave them an outline of what they needed to say and they were allowed to adjust it accordingly, as long as they used the key phrases.  It was a lot of fun watching them come up with imaginary events such as the “Digging Up Sweet Potatoes Contest” or advertising real life events such as a birthday party or an upcoming piano recital. Seeing students get creative while practicing what we learned over the semester was a great way to show off what they learned as well as learn more about their personalities and interests.

Presentation Outline

“On __________________ at __________________ I’m going to go to _________________. The ______________________________ is being held. I have a lot of interest in  ___________________________ because __________________________________________________________.”

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