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Students at a high school in Cheonan answered the question: What stereotypes have you seen or experienced that you want to change?

I have a friend whose hair is short. She is a girl, but looks like a boy. One day, we went bowling, and we went to the restroom together. Of course we went to the women’s restroom, because we are women. However, people glanced at my friend. She said that she had experienced a lot of situations like this. I felt sorry for her. If I were in her shoes, I would feel that this is unjust. In the past when I met someone who looks like a boy in the restroom, I glanced at her, too. But next time I will not do that.

by Kim Dabin

I have a short haircut. Instead of telling me “You are pretty,” people tell me “You are handsome.” I want to hear “You look happy.”

by Kim Gyeonghee

I took a taxi with my friend. I told my friend that I want to live in a house like the one outside someday. Then the taxi driver told me “You can get a house like that in the future if you marry someone who is rich.” It was uncomfortable. If I was a man, he would have told me “You can get it if you work hard in the future.”

by Yeo Hyeonseo

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